Prime Minister Harris to Present Budget on Tuesday

(ZIZ News) — Eyes and ears are expected to be glued to ZIZ Radio, television and or online, on Tuesday, when Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris delivers his first Budget Address as Prime Minister.

Officially called The Appropriation (2016) Bill, 2015, the Budget will lay out the government’s plans and programmes for the upcoming year.

It is no secret that Prime Minister Harris, who also serves as Minister of Finance, has promised that there will be no new taxes for 2016 and his government will not put forward a deficit Budget.

The Sitting, like all other sittings, will be held in National Assembly Chambers at Government Headquarters from 10am.

According to a release from the St. Kitts and Nevis Information Service [SKNIS], the public relations arm of the Government, “the bill will provide for over half billion dollars in expenditure to be charged on the consolidated fund.”

ZIZ’s live coverage will be available on Radio 96.1fm, local television Channel 5 and via the World Wide Web at

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