Prime Minister Hosts Inaugural Annual Scholarship Ceremony

Basseterre, St. Kitts, September 1, 2023 (ZIZ Newsroom): 63 students were awarded scholarships at Prime Minister and Parliamentary Representative for Constituency #8, Hon. Dr. Terrance Drew’s first annual “Caring Hands Supporting Our Children” scholarship ceremony at the National Heroes Park on Wednesday(August 30, 2023).

The recipients were students who attend primary and secondary educational institutions from communities within Constituency #8.

During his remarks, Prime Minister Drew explained his rationale for increasing the number of scholarships issued this year.

Prime Minister and Parliamentary Representative for Constituency #8 , Hon. Dr. Terrance Drew

“So I’m accustomed to give maybe around 12 scholarships per year, but this year, as I’ve always promised, that if the people were to give me the opportunity to be where I am, I will certainly invest heavily in the education of our people and especially our young people. And so instead of giving 12 scholarships, we have decided to take it up to 60 plus scholarships for our young people.”

He also emphasized the far-reaching effects of having an education.

“Education is not just about getting a wealth of knowledge, which would enable you to get a particular type of job and a particular lifestyle, but it goes beyond that, and education helps to form who one becomes- who you will become. It can shape you into the ideal human being, the type of human being who would, who would aspire to be one, to contribute to nation building, contribute to a better society, better communities, and a better world. Education can achieve all of this.”

The Prime Minister also encouraged the students not to get involved in a life of crime but rather work on how they can better themselves.

“They want to encourage you, therefore, to not get involved with a life of crime and violence. Crime and violence, they lead to destruction. Get involved with how you can improve yourselves and better yourselves.”

Following his speech, the Prime Minister then presented the scholarship to each student.

The ceremony was attended by students, parents, educators, community leaders, and senior government officials.

Caring Hands Supporting Our Children scholarship awardees
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