Prime Minister outlines crucial, varied roles his Government must play

Honourable Dr Denzil Douglas

ZIZ News…March 10, 2010 – The Prime Minister the Honourable Dr Denzil Douglas has outlined the crucial, varied roles that his Government Ministers will be expected to carry out.

He also outlined that his Government has rights and responsibilities to lead the Federation. Prime Minister Douglas also emphasised that everyone in the Federation will have to work together to ensure we have a safe and law abiding society.

Speaking of the functions that he believes his Ministers will have to perform, Prime Minister Douglas said:

“The delivery of peace, the delivery of order, the delivery of good Government has required, and will continue to require very sound judgment and cogent analysis in the process of policy formulation. This is true when the issue at hand is health policy or public works, whether it is agriculture policy or education, whether it is tourism policy or justice, whether it is foreign policy or culture. National Security or telecommunications, finance policy or sports. The crafting of visionary, impactful legislation is what the next five years of legislative activity is all about. As the Labour Party leads the Government of St Kitts and Nevis into a historic fourth Parliamentary session, and as we strive within the Executive and Legislative branches of Government to keep St Kitts and Nevis stable and strong, it is important for everyone that in this country we all have both rights and responsibilities. This is if we want a safe society, if we want a law abiding society, if we want a society that we all feel inter- connected as human beings we will have to demonstrate far greater respect for each other.”

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