Prime Minister thanks health ministers and practitioners

ZIZ News) — Medical practitioners, nurses and administrative staff in the Ministry Of Health have been recognized for their dedication to healthcare in the federation.

Speaking at the opening of the Oncology Unit on Tuesday, Prime Minister Dr. Hon Timothy Harris said thank you to those who make a significant contribution to health care.

“To all those who have come back, particularly those who have been trained here, our nurses who have been trained and have stayed on, on behalf of the entire country I say thank you. To the doctors who have determined to come back, I say thank you. To the administrative staff who have agreed to stay on, I say thank you and to those of you who are of age and determine there is a deficiency in the provision of services and support and you determined to come back, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart,” he said.

Prime Minister Harris also thanked Minister of Health Hon. Eugene Hamilton and Minister of State with responsibility for Health Hon. Wendy Phipps for their leadership in moving the ministry forward.

“I know each one in committed to the cause of service; to the cause of ensuring they play their small part in advancing the agenda of all of our people regardless of their creed, race, sexual preferences, recognizing that all are equal under God,” he said.

It has been announced as part of the 2017 budget that medical personnel will begin to receive overtime payment.

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