Principals Apprised of Proposed Social Distancing Strategy by MoE Team

(EMU) – St. Kitts, March 19, 2020: Principals in St. Kitts were given a full run down of the Ministry of Education’s activities in preparation for the Corona Virus at a meeting on Wednesday.

Various methods of distance learning for students should the virus lead to the closure of schools were discussed, with Principals giving their feedback and input on the best way forward.

It was determined that technology would lead the way in terms of bringing relevant and timely teaching sessions to students during their time away from the classroom.

Thankfully the Ministry of Education is working along with Regional and International organizations such as the OECS, CDEMA, UNICEF and CXC and is therefore gleaning from the experiences of those who have already had to implement social distancing by closing schools,” said Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education Mr. William Hodge.

The permanent Secretary said he felt his ministry had a strong team with the Leadership of the Model Safe Schools Committee and the Education Planning who have taken the charge in leading the Ministry and its staff is a very positive and exemplary direction.

According to the Permanent Secretary apart from communicating with teachers and other key personnel the Ministry has reached out to the private sector to help strengthen its technological support in this new wave of schooling.

The permanent secretary emphasized that the Ministry of Education would be guided by the advise of the Ministry of Health and Government officials in relation to the need to close schools if necessary, his ministry would do all possible to secure the health and safety of students.

He called on parents to do their best under the circumstances to continue to safeguard their children’s future through ensuring that they took full advantage of the educational opportunities that will become available.

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