Promoters Promise an even Bigger Cooler Fete

(ZIZ News) — The hype for the 2014 edition of Cane Juice Cooler Fete is building as Sugar Mas 43 goes into full swing.

The entertainment and sponsors for the event were officially revealed on Thursday during the first Cane Juice Cooler Fete Media Event.

Head Promoter for Cooler Fete, Raphael Rodney said this event is designed to provide lots of entertainment without the huge price tag.

“If you look at the videos you could see folks having a good time but that’s not our main and overall objective,” he said. “We want to ensure that it continuously grows and it could fester, so to speak, so that other people coming home for Sugar Mas and those that are actually here could also enjoy the event. As MK said, we view this event as more than just an event on the calendar; we want the Cooler Fete to be recognised as big as the other Cooler Fetes at major carnival destinations around the Caribbean and also North America.”

Yarani Morton represented sponsor, TDC Group of Companies at the media event. She said her company always seeks to support events that showcase the creativity and culture of Kittitians and Nevisians.

“We at TDC, we understand the importance of corporate giving and we understand that if businesses like ours don’t contribute back to these social events then we would lose out on this kind of activity where we can all band together and enjoy ourselves. We know that this is carnival season and this is the time when most of our people get together. It’s the largest cultural event possibly in our hemisphere here in terms of the Eastern Caribbean; it’s one of the biggest carnival festivities that we have around here so once we can contribute to anything that allows us to display our culture and our heritage and our festive side then we are always down for that,” Morton outlined.

ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) has also come on board as a sponsor for this year’s event. Senior News Editor, Eboni Brandon told the gathering that ZIZ fully supports events of this nature which promote unity.

“We at ZIZ are exceptionally happy to be a part of what Cane Juice is doing with the Cooler Fete, especially in these frugal times. The concept of Cooler Fete, as was said, is just an incredible thing to do and it brings people together; it gives you an opportunity to bring what you have and be as you are. You are not compelled to go out and party to somebody else’s standards. If beer is your thing you can enjoy your beer, i’m a Carib girl; if you like you’re Black Label you can have that too. It’s something for everybody and it allows you to go out and socialize and party.”

This year’s edition of the Cane Juice Cooler Fete, dubbed Dancehall vs Soca, will be held at The Pulse Arena, located on Victoria Road on Saturday December 20th.

It will feature performances from several local deejays, Mr. Bagnall, Infamus, Kollision and Royalties Band and the Nu Vybes Band International.

Also expected to perform at this year’s event are regional soca artiste Farma Nappy and dancehall icon Aidonia.

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