Promoting a Healthier St. Kitts-Nevis

ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) will be teaming up with the producers of The FIT Show to help spread the message of healthy eating and living to residents of St. Kitts.

The Nevis-based health programme will begin airing on ZIZ Television on Monday 27th July 2015.

During an interview with ZIZ News, Public Relations Officer for The FIT Show, Chantell Walywn explained why the show would be aired on St. Kitts.

“The expansion, first of all, we just hope that it brings together and unifies that both islands are concerned about health and fitness; it’s not just a Nevis thing, it is a Federation thing and we just want to see healthy Kittitians as we want to see healthy Nevisians. There’s a rise in non-communicable diseases, there’s a rise in Cancer, there’s a rise in Diabetes and guess what, that’s not just a Nevis rise that’s a St. Kitts rise; that’s a worldwide rise. So we’re trying to do our part to ensure that we can reduce those numbers and just give people a healthy alternative,” she explained.

Walwyn also used the opportunity to commend the Nevisian public for the support it had given to the show over the years.

She also said viewers can contact the show’s directors at any time to have specific health issues addressed.

“The community has been great. They have been very supportive from day one of the show. We get a lot of questions, we get a lot of insights from schools or different businesses that have different health issues going on within the community and they’ll bring those questions to The FIT Show so we’ll actually do a specialty show probably just highlighting with that specific question or that health issue is. So the community has been very receptive of the show,” Walwyn said.

The FIT Show will be aired twice weekly on ZIZ Television on Mondays at 6:15pm, with a rebroadcast on Wednesdays.

Persons with health or fitness questions can contact The FIT Show at

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