Proposal Writing Workshop

(ZIZ News) — Civil servants in various departments are now better equipped to write proposals for grants, following five days of training.

The Proposal-Writing Workshops were held at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and wrapped up on Friday.

Facilitator, Douglas Wattley said overseas agencies are willing to fund local projects but persons must have the skills to write persuasive proposals.

“Some organisations require that you follow a format or a template that they give to you. Others, you can develop your own format or template. What I’m doing in this workshop is I’m training public servants how to go about generating content for grant proposals,” he said.

He said training civil servants to source funding can relieve some of the strain on the national budget.

“No government has sufficient funds to carry out all the projects that it needs, especially from a community development standpoint. What we need is what we call budgetary support. There is money out there. A lot of other islands are getting it and so it is about time that we start trying to get some of that funds so that we can support because the budget is not infinite,” he said.

21 participants from various departments took part in the sessions.

At the end, the attendees submitted proposals for individual projects. Wattley said the proposals will be reviewed and may be submitted for funding from the local government or overseas agencies.

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