Proposed Changes to “Wet Down” Jam

(ZIZ News) – The Water Services Department has expressed concern at the staging of the Wet Down” as part of Sugar Mas 44.

Normally, street jams such as J’ouvert, end with a “Wet Down” where revellers are drenched with a fire hose.

However, Acting Manager of the Water Services Department, Denison Paul says following this year’s drought, there isn’t enough water for that activity.

“We don’t want to deny the general public the thrill of being wet down with water during Carnival but we don’t have the water. We don’t have that water to spare. We have made recommendations that salt water can be used. You can have salt water in a truck from the sea…I don’t know if Fire and Rescue can facilitate that…and you can go that route,” Paul said.

ZIZ News attempted to contact the Carnival Committee to determine if the Wet Down will be a part of the street jam festivities.

Up to press time, we had received no response.

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