Prostate health information session

(ZIZ NEWS) — The Rotary Club of St. Kitts in collaboration with the UWI Open Campus and The Walnut Foundation of Ontario Canada hosted a prostate health information session on Tuesday evening at the UWI Open Campus conference room.

Newly appointed Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Ionie Liburd Willet commended the Rotary Club of St. Kitts for its annual prostate health events.

“I want to commend the rotary club for their partnership as this is the third annual free prostate screening session. The Health Promotion Unit at the Ministry of Health emphasizes the importance of dietary modification and lifestyle changes. Additionally, take advantage of the men’s health clinic at the Cayon Health Center and make appointments with your private doctors or at the doctor’s clinic at all of the health centers,” she said.

The prostate health session comes ahead of the third annual staging of the rotary’s prostate screening event.

President of Walnut Foundation and featured speaker Dr. Winston Isaac spoke of how the information session can help prepare men for the actual screening.

“I just want to thank the rotary club for arranging this partnership because we find it to be a very important aspect of what men should be aware of. This session upfront of the screening is very important because it gives you some good information that you can think about ahead of the screening and also some good information that you can use when you visit when you visit your doctor on a one on one,” he said.

The prostate health information session focussed on prostate health awareness, the role and function of the prostate, the risk of prostate cancer and practice guidelines in regards to screening and treatment of prostate cancer.

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