Rain hampers sporting action on Nevis

A much anticipated sporting weekend on Nevis was hampered by consistent rains which fell intermittently from Friday afternoon, all through Sunday 8th December.
The local weather men indicated that it was an upper level trough that was creating the disturbance in the area.

However, while the farmers must have been celebrating, the sporting public on Nevis was denied an opportunity to witness some great sporting action.
The much looked forward to match up between the St.Kitts and Nevis Basketball; teams was rained out and the unfolding drama in the local Football league also had to be postponed due to the inclement weather.

Cricket lovers will be waiting with bated breaths to see if the weather improves today Monday 9th December sufficiently to permit the continuation of the action in the Nevis Sports Department/Development Bank tape ball league which is already generating quite some excitement.

The matches scheduled for today Monday 9th December are as follows:

Empire v SDA Jets at 6 pm
Highlights Int v Church Ground at 7 pm

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