Rainfall from Hurricane Tammy Damages Roads

Significant road damage was the result of Hurricane Tammy according to national disaster authorities.


During a short interview on the impact assessment of Hurricane Tammy, Abdias Samuel, National Disaster Coordinator gave an update on the damage done to roads.


“In St. Kitts, we would have experienced a number of waterways, known as ghauts, that would have run significantly and this would have deposited silt on the streets and our road networks that would have caused significant disruption to traffic flow. These deposited silt on the road network was cleared by public works and its stakeholders.”


He also updated on the damages in Nevis.


“On Nevis, we would have seen significant damage to infrastructure, in particular, road networks. There were ghauts in the St. James Parish that would have been impacted significantly. And one road in the Rawlins area would have been gutted out or washed out, as we would say.”


He said some persons were given tarpaulins to aid in shelter and that the cost is yet to be determined.

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