Re-Energizing Traditional Foods

(ZIZ News) –The Ministry of Culture is taking steps to launch programmes that will revive traditional food production.

Director of Culture, Troy Mills told ZIZ News that his department is planning training courses for next year, to help keep the traditional foods alive and introduce them to the younger generation.

He said many of the older folks, are very knowledgeable in making sorrel, mauby, ginger beer, cassava bread, etc. and his department is finding that younger people are growing up without that knowledge.

“We don’t wanna have a situation where when the old folks pass on, whether they move from St. Kitts or whatever, there is a void and the young people, they don’t know it, so a part of our culture is lost,” he added.

He said they are currently in the early stages of planning such courses and there are several details to be finalized.

Among the possibilities being considered is partnering with restaurants or hotels before bringing it to the general public.

“Whichever method we choose, recordings will be done of it because we want to post it on our website. So if you wake up 2 o’clock in the morning and you feel like drinking sorrel and you have the ingredients, you don’t have to call up anybody. You go on the website, you pick it up, and you actually learn how to do it,” he added.

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