Re-opening of Schools for Third Term

(EMU): Filled with optimism and bursting with school pride, most schools within the Federation were re-opened today as students filed into their respective schools.

As the third term for school began many students were excited and a few a bit complacent about the commencement of this final term. The students whom have just returned from the two week Easter Break will thrust right into examination preparations. For the primary school students, that would be in the form of Test of Standards, inclusive of grades three to six.

High school students however, would be tested in the form of general examinations to decipher whether or not they move up a level. The fifth form students would sit the much anticipated Caribbean Examination Council, (CXC), Exams beginning May. Ms. Twyana Stokes a fifth form student at the Washington Archibald High School extended some words of encouragement to all students sitting Examinations, “Once you have a goal you should strive towards it, if you love a particular subject do that and not one that everyone else is doing, because you are the one that would be affected in the long-run. Just keep your head on.”

The Ministry of Education would like to express best wishes to all students that would sit Examinations this term, and commends the teachers and staff of the various schools for all their work and preparation of the students.

The school year ends Friday July 8th, 2016.

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