Reach for Recovery Cancer Awareness Activities

(ZIZ News) — As St. Kitts-Nevis continues to observe Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October; the Reach For Recovery SKB Breast Cancer Group has organized several activities to raise awareness and support.

According to the group’s Public Relations Officer, Markysa O’Loughlin one of the new events is a unique race planned for next Friday.

“That’s where we’re actually going to have men, yes men, come out and show their support, in a symbolic way of course, for women who have been affected by breast cancer and they’re going to be taking a quick swift walk, or run, up Fort Street in pink heels,” O’Loughlin explained.

She said everyone needs to get involved in breast cancer awareness as the disease is affecting younger people as well.

“This is why the awareness is really important, that people get breast self-examinations. You don’t necessarily need a mammogram at a younger age but please always check because younger people are now getting breast cancer. It’s not an over 40 disease anymore, we’re having people who are diagnosed in their 20’s, in their 30’s and even people who have passed on in their early thirties.”

Activities planned for the month include an evening walk, a “Learn at Lunch” educational forum, a charity auction, and a “Posh in Pink” Photo Contest.

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