Reach For Recovery hosts “Learn At Lunch”

(ZIZ News) — Reach For Recovery Breast Cancer Support Group has shown, once again, that its focus is not only promoting Breast Cancer awareness, but developing a holistic approach to healthcare.

On Tuesday, members of the business community participated in a lunchtime learning session dubbed “Learn At Lunch” which saw internist Dr. Bichara Sahely presenting on the topic “Your Health, Your Responsibility”.

He said a healthy lifestyle is important in preventing diseases.

“So once you have the information, you know what causes what, you are actually empowered to take more responsibility to do something about it. No one just drops down like that. There are risk factors involved,” he said.

He added that prevention can be achieved through a tripartite partnership among patients and families, the healthcare sector and the community.

“I can start from the bottom; I mean we start with ourselves. We start with our families, we start with our communities and hopefully we have a critical mass that would now be a significant pressure to the powers that be to instil the change—if they want to be in power, they have to serve us,” he said.

Dr. Sahely ended with the quote “If food is your medicine, community is your cure.”

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