Red House takes narrow lead at Naomi’s Pre School

Sports Page — The Naomi’s Pre School held its annual cross country runs on Friday 7th March.

Quite a number of enthused parents and family members showed up for the big event.

The children did not fail to excite although some of them seemed puzzled as to what all of the big hoopla was about.

Here are the results:

Girls—1 ½ years
Tyree Nisbett
Naomi Nisbett
Arilella Herbert

Boys—1 ½ years
Azariss Richards
Abdul Shaadal

Girls-2 ½ years
Bernay Fraser
Hadassah Greene
Haliyah Nisbett

Boys—2 ½ years
Zackary Martin
Nathan Lestrade
Gavrad Sukh

Girls—3 years
Shanaiah Morris
Alecia Douglas
Dellanique Lawrence

Boys—3 years
Cameron Taylor
Ashawn Webbe
Delijah Clarke

Girls—4 years
Andeisha Huggins
Cyasiah Tyson
Agusticia Thomas

Girls—5 years
Dekimba Prentice
Cassilyn Pierre
Alyssa Jeffers

Point standings
Red house-90 points
Blue house-82 points

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