Reggie stars in Half Marathon

Winston Crooke-chief organizer–orange cap

ZIZ News…Jan. 28, 2013 — Reggie Douglas shook off some pretty stiff competition from another Nevisian, Vaughn Williams of Cotton Ground to clinch victory in the 2nd annual Nevis half marathon.

The event was held on Sunday 27th January and commenced on the Samuel Hunkins drive in Charlestown, just next to the Octagon Restaurant.

Sixty-five athletes participated in the event and this comprised of quite a number of students from the Ross University based in St. Kitts; students from the Medical University of the Americas (MUA), based in Nevis, several visitors to the island and some local athletes.

There were three categories to the event:

  • A 5K—A choice between a run or a walk—at the preference of the athletes. They commenced at the OCTAGON and turned around in the vicinity of the Four Seasons Resort and returned to the OCTAGON.
  • A 10 K—The athletes commenced at the OCTAGON, travelled along the island main road; turned around at the bottom of Cotton Ground and returned to the OCTAGON.

A half marathon—The athletes commenced at the OCTAGON restaurant. They ran along the island main road and turned around in the vicinity of the Vance Amory Int Airport; returned on the island main road and climaxed at the OCTAGON

The athletes at the half marathon

The youthful Vaughn Williams, who is incidentally the son on well known long distance runner Vanessa Williams, led the pack for almost half of the race until the veteran Reggie Douglas made his move.

Encouraged by his Triathlete partner and friend James Weekes who rode alongside him on a bike, Reggie maintained a steady momentum right up to the finish line to take the coveted first spot.

In the meanwhile, there was a ding dong battle on for first place for the women’s category as Miranda Fellows battled neck and neck with a determined Vanessa Williams for first spot. Williams who had won that category last year in the inaugural event, was leading up to when she passed the Oualie Beach Hotel on the return leg but a fresher looking Fellows, remained close on her heels.

They stayed very close to each other for most of the course until a stronger Fellows pulled away as they neared the finish line to take first spot.

In the 5K walk, a fit looking Dr. Raymonde Rohan took the first place in the female category and 79 year old Dr. Avery Gordon took first place in the male category.

Another local representative athlete, Andy Brear took first spot in the male category of the 5K run in quick time, while Reece Walters of Cotton Ground, steamed home in first place in the male category of the 10K run.

Renowned local athlete Kasker Forbes arrived at the starting point, well after the athletes had started and belatedly completed the 5k run at a fast clip.

Miranda Fellows and Vanessa Williams in close

The summarized top results were:

5 K walk-Females
1st Raymonde Rohan—42.33
2nd Wendy Elliot—46.52
3rd Kaime Lenox—49.00

1st Avery Gordon—48.04

5 K run—Females
1st Beth Searle—30.14
2nd Nicole Morgan—32.04
3rd Nina Matjua—32.12

1st Andy Brear—23.30
2nd Mr. X—24.27
3rd Mike Pope—26.11

Reggie Douglas

10 K run-Females
1st Andre Schotl—45.36
2nd Franziska Adkins—1:00:53
3rd Jacqueline Rocker—1: 02: 09

1st Reece Walters—50.11
2nd Troy Schotl—54.13
3rd Lee Eilsey—54.40

Half Marathon—Females
1st Miranda Fellows—1:46:52
2nd Vanessa Willaims—1:49:49
3rd Dona Tuckes—2: 09: 35

1st Reggie Douglas—1:38:37
2nd Vaughn Williams—1: 41:05
3rd Eric Chow—1: 53: 17

The three top placers in each category received trophies complements of WHEEL WORLD.

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