Remembering Venner’s Contribution

(ZIZ News) — The new Governor of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, Timothy Antoine, has praised former Governor Sir K. Dwight Venner for his contribution to the institution and the region.

During a press conference on Monday, Antoine acknowledged Sir Dwight’s “colossal contribution” to the region.

“Sir Dwight has served the region long and well. His is an illustrious career and I have been fortunate to have benefitted from his guidance and wisdom over the years and in many ways, on regional matters, he has been a mentor. And so, on behalf of the bank, I again express my deep, deep appreciation for Sir Dwight’s contribution,” he said.

Antoine said the bank plans to honour Sir Dwight in an appropriate manner.

Sir K Dwight Venner served as Governor of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank for 26 years.

Prior to that he served as Director of Finance and Planning in the St Lucian government between November 1981 and November 1989.

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