Renovations at the Basseterre High School remain on track

Construction Workers at the Basseterre High School

Basseterre, St. Kitts, March 14, 2013 (SKNIS): Deputy Prime Minister the Hon. Dr. Earl Asim Martin, the Hon. Nigel Carty, Minister of Education and other officials took a tour of the Basseterre High School grounds on Tuesday (March 12) to assess the progress being made in renovating the school.

Minister Carty told SKNIS that he was pleased with the improvements at the school.

“As we stand here we are in the old chemistry lab and we are witnessing significant construction that has already taken place,” he observed.”The roof has already been repaired, the ceiling boards are now in and the ceiling itself is ready to be placed. We have also seen the removal of the furniture from this room and all the plumbing. We are very satisfied with the progress that is being made here…

“The sceptic tanks on both sides of the campus being completed and we have also taken a look at the Home Economics Centre and as far as we understand there is a small amount of work to be done there to ensure that the students can resume their work,” the Minister stated. In fact the students can take their exams around Mach 27.”

Minister Carty noted that if there are any delays in its completion, arrangements have already been put in place to accommodate students at the Washington Archibald High School.

The Minister stressed that the renovations are going as planned.

“I want to assure the public that the work here at the Basseterre High School is progressing smoothly,” he explained. “I believe that we will complete the works within the time frame that we have identified. After we would have completed the biology lab and chemistry lab, we want to begin work on the main part of the western campus…

“We have already designed the scope of works for the major part of the building on the western campus and I believe that in a few short days we should have some of the tender documents going out to the contractors so that we can begin work here as soon as possible.”

In order to speed up the process, the work will be divided into four or five slots so that that four or five contractors can work simultaneously to conclude the construction in a short space of time.

Minister Carty thanked the Public Works Department, which falls under the portfolio of the Deputy Prime Minister, for their continued hard work in renovating the school.

The Minister stated that it is hoped that by the beginning of the new school year, September 2013, there will be “a beautiful almost band new building on the western campus which is a suitable learning and working environment.”

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