Requirements for the Bank of Commerce Cheque Collection

(ZIZ News) – Chief Retail Banking Officer at the St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank, Donald Thompson says persons collecting cheques as part of the Bank of Commerce payout, must present two pieces of government-issued identification before they can receive their cheques.

Thompson further outlined the process for persons living abroad, stating that a notarized letter is required, naming the person who is authorized to collect the cheque on their behalf.

Said person would then go to the bank with two pieces of government-issued identification, he explained.

He also spoke of the requirements for collecting cheques on behalf of deceased depositors, stating, “In the case where there was no will, persons who think that they might be the next of kin or the person entitled to benefit from the estate of the deceased person, will then need to approach the court, get letters of administration, and present the letter of administration which will then indicate that this is the person who is authorised to collect the check. If there was a will, of the deceased person, then that will have to be probated and again once it is probated, it will name the persons that are entitled to benefit from the estate of the deceased person.”

According to Thompson, more than 4700 persons are set to benefit from the Bank of Commerce payout.

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