Restoring the image of football in St Kitts and Nevis

Basseterre, St Kitts, June 25 2012: St Kitts Nevis Football Association Presidential Nominee, Franklin Maitland vows to restore the image of football in St Kitts and Nevis.

Launching their manifesto’s eight (8) point plan, Maitland, a Chartered Certified Accountant by profession, highlighted two areas of immediate attention for the SKNFA, i)Practicing good Financial Management and Football Administration and ii) introducing a Code of Ethics.

“Transparency and accountability WILL BE the defining hallmarks of our administration. Member clubs will be assured of prompt responses, timely communication, reliable match fixtures, respect for Rules and Regulation and the Constitution, and unbiased treatment in all matters,” Maitland said.

He further indicated the importance of reporting to member clubs in a timely fashion on the Football Association’s overseas representations, activities and finances. In addition to the need for Semi-Annual reporting on Football Activities and Finances, his new administration will establish “Administrative Procedures and Financial Regulations” that will provide and instill the necessary checks and balances in all football affairs. In addition, “the new administration will hold football administrators, clubs and players accountable for their actions through the introduction of a code of ethics and the appointment of an Ethics Committee,” Maitland said.

In relation to club development, women football and youth, the Maitland led team pledge, “to provide guidance and support to clubs with their internal structure, youth development programmes, finances, and marketing. In addition, the new management committee intends to partner with Clubs, NGOs and other agencies to co-host programmes aimed at using football as a tool to eradicate the ills (Drugs, Violence and Poverty) in at-risk communities,” said Kevin Hope, a nominee for executive member.

Hope, former National U17 Coach, articulated the importance of setting up regional centres of football excellence in Nevis and St Kitts. “The vision is to have zonal football development centres operated in partnership with clubs and the SKNFA coaching staff. The focus will be on periodic camps where club coaches and promising athletes can attend training and participate in tourneys/SSGs (7v7, 9v9 etc.). These centres will provide the ideal scouting environment for future Women and Men National Teams (U13 to U17) and National Team coaches. It will also serve as a better coaching development platform, with each participating club coaches exposed to SKNFA best practices for Youth Football Development,” Hope said.

Andy Blanchette, nominee for executive member, advocates for players’ academic development, US colleges’ exam prep and annual college soccer showcases. “The team has the expertise and network to realise the value in preparing our athletes for life after football. As a result, during our term of office, our committee intends to host annual SAT-Exam Prep classes for footballers (target group 15-23 year olds) who aspire to attend US Colleges and Universities on Soccer Scholarships. We also intend to collaborate with clubs to introduce Book Scholarships/Awards for youth footballers (U10-U20) with strong academic records. Finally, to host annual US College Football Showcases during the vacation period, inviting US College Coaches to attend and scout for local football talent for their institutions as is the practice in Jamaica and Trinidad,” informed Blanchette.

Acknowledging the importance of referees’ continuing development to the game of football, Maitland committed, “to collaborating with the Referees Association on a recruitment drive for referees within the Schools, communities and clubs aimed at increasing the pool of referees. Further, to initiate a programme to address unacceptable behaviour on-and-off the football pitch, such as continued education for clubs (administrators, player and coaches) on the Laws of the Game and, an agreed codes of conduct by all member clubs to ensure they are working with referees to manage player behaviour'” and to further “provide ongoing training/support for referees to ensure that refereeing standards continue to improve and more of our local referees can get regional and international appointments.”

The issues of players insurance and compensation for clubs have been a vexing one for several member clubs. In response, Crios Freeman, nominee for executive member pledged to implement on a continued basis Players’ Injury Insurance Plan. “The insurance plan is aimed at players who may have suffered injuries while participating in an SKNFA organised competition thus minimising the cost burden to the individual and club when medical attention is required,” Freeman said.

Further, Freeman highlighted a break from the past and current football administrations, in their intent to consult with clubs in designing a revenue (gate-receipts) sharing mechanism that is fair and equitable to all, aimed at providing income to members clubs to be used in subsidising their cost of transport and related expenses to participate in the national leagues.

Finally, the Maitland led team is determined to establish a recognition (reward) system for Clubs, administrators, players, coaches, referees, FA staff and fans. “We will inaugurate an Annual Awards/Recognition Ceremony to recognize all the stakeholders in football and raise the profile and image of the FA,” Maitland pledged.

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