Result of SKNFA Elvis Star Browne Women’s league Match played at Cayon Playing Field on Thursday 23rd April, 2015

SKNFALogoCaribbean Journey Masters Village Superstars 4 vs Cayon 0
                                                                          (Half Time 3 – 0)

Scoring for Caribbean Journey Masters Village Superstars
Romona Phillip scored a hat trick in the 17th, 44th & 71st minute
Levika Phillip 26th minute

* Officials were Caldon Duncan, Shatresha Ephraim & Florencetine Morton

Upcoming SKNFA Weekend Matches (Friday 24th to Sunday 26th April, 2015):

Friday 24th April

Elvis Star Browne Women’s Easter Cup

At Newtown Playing Field

5:30p.m – C.C.C Bath United vs. Winners Circle Newtown United
Officials: Walter James, Shatresha Ephraim & Steadroy Techeira

7:30p.m – SOL Island Auto Conaree vs. St. Thomas/Trinity Strikers
Officials Caldon Duncan, Avalon McCall & Kelvin Pemberton

On Saturday 25th April

Division I

At Bath Village Playing Field

3:00p.m – C.C.C Bath United vs. KFC Trinity/Challengers United
Officials: Garfield Virgo, Jevon Claxton & Austin Bart

Elvis Star Browne Women’s Easter Cup

At St. Peters Playing field

3:00p.m – Loser 1 vs. Loser 2
Officials: Kelvin Pemberton, Steadroy Techeira & Cassim Akeem

5:00p.m – Winner 1 vs. Winner 2
Officials: Caldon Duncan, Sharesha Ephraim & Kelvin Pemberton

National Bank Premier League

At Warner Park Stadium

6:00p.m – Hobson Enterprises Garden Hotspurs vs. St. Thomas/Trinity Strikers
Officials: Kimbell Ward, Mario Parry, Shakel Campbell & Steadroy Techeira

8:00pm – Rams Village Superstars vs. S. L. Horsford St. Pauls United
Officials: Travester Richards, Florencetine Morton, Alexis Joseph & Tyrone Nisbett

On Sunday 26th April

National Bank Premier League

At Warner Park Stadium

4:00p.m – Mantab vs. SOL Island Auto Conaree
Officials: Tyrone Nisbett, Graeme Browne, Jason Rouse & Anthony Rawlins

6:00p.m – Winners Circle Newtown United vs. Fast Cash SPD United
Officials: James Matthew, Walter James, Delroy Jeffers & Tristley Bassue

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