Result of SKNFA Matches Played over the Weekend (Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th December, 2014)

SKNFALogoSaturday 13th December

National Bank Premier League At Warner Park Stadium

Rams Village Superstars 1 vs Mantab 0
                                  (Half Time 0 – 0)

Scoring for Rams Village Superstars
Givonne Amory 81st minute

Yellow Cards
Sylvester Alexander (Mantab) 26th minute
Nigel Browne (Mantab) 27th minute
Davien Clarke (Mantab) 44th minute
Karl Tuitt (Mantab) 60th minute
Ricardo Clarke (Village) 69th minute

* Officials were James Matthew, Florencetine Morton, Jason Rouse & Steadroy Techeira

Match 2

Hobson Enterprises Garden Hotspurs 1 vs Harris Paint St. Peters 0
                                                              (Half Time 1 – 0)

Scoring for Hobson Enterprises Garden Hotspurs
Dahjal Kelly 34th minute

Yellow Cards
Shaquille Barzey (St. Peters) 24th & 76th minute
Daniel Rouse (Spurs) 59th minute
Dahjal Kelly (Spurs) 67th minute

Red Card
Shaquille Barzey (St. Peters) 76th minute

* Officials were Kimbell Ward, Mario Parry, Delroy Jeffers & Travester Richards

Division 1

At Sandy Point Playing Field

Dieppe Bay Eagles 2 vs Sandy Point F.A 2
                                (Half Time 2 – 0)

Scoring for Dieppe Bay Eagles
Delvis Gumbs 3rd minute
Melrick Francis 23rd minute

Scoring for Sandy Point F.A
Shane Jeffers 53rd minute (penalty)
Akeem Saunders 80th minute

Yellow Card
Akeem Saunders (S/Point) 80th minute

* Officials were Kelvin Pemberton, Alexis Joseph & Stedroy Douglas

At Bath Village Playing Field

C.C.C. Bath United 7 vs Rivers of Living Water 1
                             (Half Time 3 – 0)

Scoring for C.C.C Bath United
Dayle Farrell 30th minute
Jeangry Pettitfrere scored four goals in the 41st, 43rd, 52nd & 59th minute
Aljay Newton 60th minute
Winston Perry 78th minute

Scoring for Rivers of Living Water
Joshua Liburd 55th minute

* Officials were Christopher Ekeh, Austin Bart & Shakel Campbell

Sunday 14th December

National Bank Premier League At Warner Park Stadium

Winners Circle Newtown United 2 vs St.Thomas/Trinity United 0
                                                              (Half Time 1 – 0)

Scoring for Winners Circle Newtown United
Yohannes Mitcham 3rd minute
Kiethroy Saddlers 78th minute

Yellow Card
Dakari Phipps 88th minute

* Roger Hendrickson, Assistant Coach for St. Thomas/Trinity United was expelled from the bench in the 45th minute

* Officials were Tyrone Nisbett, Lloyd Rouse, Stedroy Douglas & Steadroy Techeira

Match 2

Cayon 7 vs Fast Cash SPD United 0
          (Half Time 4 – 0)

Scoring for Cayon
Vinceroy Nelson Struck twice in the 10th & 42nd minute
Nigel Thom 39th minute
Kurt Morton also struck twice in the 40th (penalty) & 53rd minute
Shavaughn Boston 85th minute
Shaquille Pringle 87th minute

Yellow Cards
Donville Eddy (SPD) 44th minute
Tristan Hanley (SPD) 45th & 51st minute
Clyde Mitcham (SPD) 64th & 79th minute
Fernando Williams (SPD) 82nd minute
Nigel Thom (Cayon) 85th minute
Shaquille Pringle (Cayon) 86th & 89th minute

Red Cards
Tristan Hanley (SPD) 51st minute
Clye Mitchum (SPD) 79th minute
Shaquille Pringle (Cayon) 89th minute
Stephen Rawlins (SPD) 90th minute

* Kennis Henry, Physio for Fast Cash SPD United was expelled from the bench in the 79th minute.

* Officials were James Matthew, Alexis Joseph, Walter James & Anthony Rawlins

Match 3

S. L. Horsford St. Pauls United 3 vs Island Auto Supplies Conaree F.C 0
                                                          (Half Time 1 – 0)

Scoring for S. L. Horsford St. Pauls United
Rasheed Hodge struck twice in the 25th & 48th minute
Shawn Martin of Island Auto Supplies Conaree F.C scored an own goal in the 50th minute

Yellow Cards
Kiethroy Freeman (St. Pauls) 32nd minute
Jahren Leader (St. Pauls) 37th minute
Kishorne Warde (Conaree) 45th minute
Jazzil Francis (Conaree) 90th minute

* Officials were Travester Richards, Delroy Jeffers, Ike Inniss & Tyrone Nisbett

Upcoming SKNFA Division 1 Matches (Tues 16th & Thursday 18th December, 2014)

Tuesday 16th December, 2014

Ottleys Playing Field

5:30pm – Molineaux vs Conaree Fireballs Int’l
Officials: James Matthew, Florencetine Morton & Len Harris

At Verchilds Playing Field

5:30pm – Sandy Point F.A vs Youth & Experience
Officials: Anthony Rawlins, Stedroy Douglas & Alexis Joseph

Thursday 18th December, 2014

At St. Pauls Playing Field

5:30pm – Newton Ground vs Molineux
Officials: Tyrone Nisbett, Kelvin Pemberton & Craig Rouse

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