Results from the National Caribbean Insurance Ltd, Sandy Point Community Football League

FootballFilePhotoB(Sports) Results from Thursday 7rd November, 2013.

Game 1. N.Wilson Soho United F.C vs. Cleverly Hill United F.C

Referee: Florentine Morton

N.Wilson Soho United F.C — 8 Goals, Cleverly Hill United F.C – 3 Goals

Scorers for N.Wilson Soho United F.C were Kenny Douglas in 10 min, Jason Rogers in the 17thmin & 24th Min, Akeem Saunders in 28th min, Ikjah Rogers

In the 38th min, Quan Demming in 48th & 53rd min, Devonte Browne in 61st min.

Scorers for Cleverly Hill United F.C were Lenford Percival in 22nd Min & in 35thmin, Amarr Burjin in the 45thmin.

Results from Sunday 10th November, 2013

Crab Hill United F.C vs Newtown Ground F.C (Game 1)

Referee: Royston Richardson

Newtown Ground F.C —2 Goals, Crab Hill United F.C —1 Goals

Scorers for Newtown Ground F.C were Patrick Jeffers in 11min, Ian Phillip in 49th Min.

Scorer for Crab Hill United F.C F.C was Gregory “Youthy” Bradshaw in 32nd Min.

Results for Game 2.

Sandy Point Future Ballers F.C vs. Alley United F.C

Referee: Royston Richardson

Alley United F.C – 1 Goal, Sandy Point Future Ballers F.C – 1 Goal at the end of Regulation time.

Alley United F.C won on penalties 5 goals, Sandy Point Future Ballers F.C- 4 goals.

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