Results from the National Caribbean Insurance Ltd, Sandy Point Community Football League

FootballFilePhotoB(Sports) Results from Tuesday 12th November, 2013.

Transformation F.C vs. Cleverly Hill United F.C
Referee: Stedroy Douglas
Transformation F.C — 5 Goals, Cleverly Hill United F.C – 4 Goals
Scorers for Transformation F.C were Jamal Sutton in 12 min & 29th min
Jason Jones in the 37thmin, Javior Sutton in 48th min, Rashawn Marshall in the 58thmin.
Scorers for Cleverly Hill United F.C were Curtis Pemberton in 23nd Min, 35thmin & in 45thmin, Dorell Challenger in the 52ndmin.

Results from Wednesday 13th November, 2013.

N.Wilson Soho United F.C vs. Fig Tree Dirt Revellers F.C
Referee: Stuart Versailles
N.Wilson Soho United F.C – 6 Goals, Fig Tree Dirt Revellers F.C – 1 Goal
Scorers for N.Wilson Soho United F.C were IKejah Rogers in 12th min,
Jason Rogers in 23rd min, Akeem Saunders in 29th & 43rd min, Jared Sutton in 47thmin, Devonte Browne in 56th Min.
Scorer for Fig Tree Dirt Revellers F.C was Kurt Drew in the 40th min.

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