Results from the National Caribbean Insurance Ltd, Sandy Point Community Football League

FootballFilePhotoBResults from Game played on Saturday 19th October, 2013

Half Way Tree F.C vs. Unique Touch F.C
Referee: Stedroy Douglas
Half Way Tree F.C —3 Goals, Unique Touch F.C — Nil
Scorers for Half Way Tree F.C were Jasta Demining in 15 min, Charles Thomas in 26ndmin, Ahmalfe Dyer in the 41stmin.

Results for Sunday 20th October, 2013
Game 1. – Cleverly Hill United F.C vs Fig Tree Dirt Revellers F.C
Referee: Graeme Browne, Cleverly Hill F.C –3 goals , Fig Tree Dirt Revellers -3 goals
At the end of regulation time. Cleverly Hill United Defeated Fig tree F.C — 3 goals to 2 in penalty kicks.
Scorers for Cleverly Hill F.C were Glenford Percival in 19th min,Curtis Pemberton in 40th min & Travester Richards in 51st min.
Scorers for Fig Tree F.C were Caddy Hobson in the 10 min, McRoy Harris in 27th Min, Kyfllyn Drew in 37thmin.

Game 2. – Alley United F.C vs N.Wilson Soho United F.C
Referee: Stewart Rawlins,
N.Wilsons Soho United 4 Goals, The Alley United F.C – 1 Goal.
Goal Scorers for N.Wilson Soho United F.C were Jakeel Richardson in 18th & 26thmin, Kenny Douglas in 39th min, Devonte Browne in 48th min.
Scorer for Alley United F.C was Gavin Marsham in 22nd min.

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