Results Of SKNFA Matches Played On Wednesday 16th April, 2014

Premier Division At Warner Park Stadium

KFC Trinity/Challengers United 1       vs          Island Auto Kactus Conaree FC 1
(Half Time 1 – 0)

Scoring for KFC Trinity/Challengers United
Sheldon Burnham 37th minute

Scoring for  Island Auto Kactus Conaree FC
Michael Samuel 46th minute

Yellow Cards
Leon Samuel (Strikers) 33th minute
Wasim Howe (Conaree) 34th minute
Kadeem Lewis (Conaree) 40th minute
Jazzil Francis (Conaree) 50th minute
Rico Gumbs (Strikers) 82nd minute
Marvin Charles (Conaree) 82nd minute

* Officials were Tyrone Nisbett, Alexis Joseph, Lloyd Rouse & Anthony Rawlins

Match 2

Harris Paint St. Peters 2        vs           Mantab 1
(Half Time 1- 0)

Scoring for Harris Paint St. Peters
Imron Ponteen 34th minute
Salas Cannonier 61st minute

Scoring for Mantab
Jason Phipps 71st minute

Yellow Cards
Salas Cannonier (St. Peters) 76th minute
Kareem Harris (St. Peters) 80th minute
Delroy Barzey (St. Peters) 90th minute

* Officials were James Matthew, Delroy Jeffers, Florencetine Morton & Steadroy Techeira

 Division 1 At Verchilds Playing Field

Sandy Point Allstars 4           vs        Newton Ground Ballers 0
(Half Time 1 – 0)

Scoring for Sandy Point Allstars
Kyle Hodge struck twice in the 11th & 60th minute
Jakiel Richardson 74th minute
Abasti Pennyfeather 85th minute

Yellow Cards
Julian Flemming (N/Ground) 7th minute
Kyle Richardson (S/point) 18th minute
Marvin Elliott (N/Ground) 11th & 80th minute
Abasti Pennyfeather (S/point) 44th & 85th minute
Ezeran Francis (S/point) 89th minute

Red Cards
Marvin Elliott (N/ground) 80th minute
Abasti Pennyfeather (S/Point) 85th minute
Extron Francis (N/Ground) 88th minute

* Official was Stedroy Douglas

 Elvis Star Browne Women’s League At St. Peters playing Field

St. Peters Blue Angels 0        vs      Cayon FC 0

* Officials were Caldon Duncan, Jason Rouse & Kevin Muffin

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