Rethinking CXC Subsidy?

Permanent secretary in the Ministry of Education, William Hodge says the number of absences in recent CXC examinations may lead the government to rethink its policy of subsidizing the cost of the exams for students.

During the press conference held by the Ministry of Education on Wednesday, Mr Hodge said he was concerned about the number of reported absences at this year’s CSEC exams.

He said they will have to hold discussions with principals to find out why students are absent and possibly rethink paying for CXC exams.

Announcing some of the statistics for the CSEC exams minister of education the Hon. Shawn Richards noted that the absences contributed to the total number of zero passes for students in the federation.

This year 4, 801 entries were received from high school students. 3, 946 returned passing grades.

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