Rev Bailey Prays For Prime Minister Harris To Have A Successful Second Term

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, July 6, 2020 (PLP PR Media Inc.) — In what would be described as God’s doing, a message for Prime Minister Dr the Hon Timothy Harris came last week from a pastor in New York through a Pastor of a church in Saddlers. Unknown to the pastors, Prime Minister Harris elected to worship in the Saddlers’ church on Sunday July 5.

“It is truly amazing how things occur in that my wife got a call from a pastor in New York, a week ago, and she gave my wife a message of encouragement but more of a warning that our current Prime Minister may not do like (former US) President Barrack Obama,” explained Rev Dr Analdo Bailey of the Pentecostal Church of God in Saddlers on Sunday July 5.

His wife is Pastor Pansy Bailey serving in the same church. According to Rev Bailey, after his wife told him of the call and the message in relation to the Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis, he felt that she would have to call him and speak to him. Prime Minister Harris instead called them in the morning of Sunday July 5 as they were preparing to go to church.

“We were surprised when he called and said that he woke up and he felt the need to go to church and so he would come to our church,” said Rev Bailey. “That was when we were already preparing to be in church – on our way to church. And so, he appeared. Up to then I still had not recalled that God through His messenger in New York had given a message to my wife for him.”


In reference to the call that had been made by the Pastor from New York, Rev Bailey said that the pastor was pointing out to the fact that President Obama in his first term every morning he spent the first hour in prayer, and talking to God and he had a very successful term. But in the second term he seemed to be so engaged with other things that he was not able to maintain that schedule, and the term was not as successful as the first one.


“During the service it then became apparent that the Prime Minister who had no plans to come here felt moved to come to Saddlers,” pointed out Rev Bailey. “It is amazing how God orchestrated so that all of these pieces – these little dots – call from New York; how I felt, how my wife felt and the Prime Minister how he felt and all of these dots. Only in the service we were able to see the picture that God was creating.”


Before Rev Bailey delivered his message, ‘Hope in God’, he invited Prime Minister Harris to greet members of the congregation where he (Dr Harris) talked of hope for God’s goodness to the people of St. Kitts and Nevis as they undertake to build a stronger and safer country.


“Today I am going to be speaking about some words and I notice the Prime Minister went close to it, so God must be doing something,” said Rev Bailey. “I know He is always doing something, but today I believe that there must be something that is special. I am going to be speaking about ‘Hope in God’. No matter what the circumstances may be, do not lose hope.”

After the sermon was delivered, Prime Minister Harris was called to the front by Rev Bailey who said that the Bible declares that people ought to pray for those who are in authority and as a servant of God he decided not only to pray for, but to also anoint the leader of the nation.

“Leaders are raised by God and they are to follow the dictates of our God and so our current Prime Minister he has stated that he would serve for two terms,” said Rev Bailey. “I pray that he may fulfil that declaration of his and that God may honour him. I pray that the anointing of God may be upon him. I pray further that his term shall be successful and that he would work to nurture and develop the one who would come after him.”

The man of the cloth prayed that God Himself may declare and anoint Prime Minister Harris’ successor, and that his legacy be one of oneness, togetherness, working for the good of all.

“It is my prayer that he continues to be sensitive to what God is saying onto him,” pronounced Rev Bailey. “He may also be obedient to what God has declared and I declare that he shall be not only a tower in our nation but in this region and in the world at large.”

He concluded: “May God continue to use him as He has anointed him. May God continue to promote him as we the people of this nation continue to undergird him with our prayers and so I pray the blessing of God be upon him in all that he do and wherever else he go that God may be with him and that the anointing of God may continue to rest upon him, in Jesus’ name.”

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