Role of police in ensuring justice is pivotal says Justice Ward

Basseterre, St. Kitts, December 31, 2019 (RSCNPF): At a recent Commissioner’s Lecture, guest speaker, Justice Trevor Ward QC, reminded the Police of their significant contribution to the justice system.

He also recommended some ways in which Officers could improve their performance in court.

“It is the interest of justice that innocent persons go free, but it is also in the interest of justice that guilty persons are convicted and you are at the forefront of that fight for justice and therefore the manner in which you prepare and present your cases will impact eventual outcomes,” said Justice Ward. He highlighted that the Police play a very pivotal role in ensuring that justice is served.

He encouraged the officers to be fully prepared for court proceedings, to keep proper notes and to study their cases inside out so they can be confident in answering questions as they arise during a trial. Justice Ward went on to explain that the lead investigator on any case is viewed as a coordinator and should be versed in all areas of the case whether it be forensics, liaising with other departments, dealing with victims or the preparation of statements.  He also encouraged the High Command to invest in buying and updating equipment where necessary that would aid the officers in their investigations.

After relaying his observations for areas of improvement, he commended the officers who consistently performed at a high standard in court and encouraged them to help others elevate themselves to that standard as well.

Justice Ward thanked the High Command for affording him the opportunity to address the gathering.  He urged the officers to continue their good work and to strive for excellence in their pursuit to keep the Federation safe.

“While solving crime is the first step, peace and order is sustained when the justice system runs its full distance and persons are brought to trial and put on trial with the expectation that a just outcome will be the result,” he added.

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