Ronald Powell honours Elquemedo Willet

President of the Nevis Cricket Association, Ronald Powell

ZIZ Newsroom…July 30, 2010, Basseterre – The president of the Nevis Cricket Association, Ronald Powell says Nevis’ legendary cricketer Elquemedo Willet deserves to have Grove Park renamed in his honour.

Speaking at the official renaming ceremony, Mr Powell said willet has done much for the sport of cricket in Nevis.

“Willet, you have given much. You have achieved much. And today as we celebrate with you in glamour, splendour and such pomp, this is what you deserve. Well done,” he said.

Powell used the opportunity to extend congratulations to Elquemedo Willet on behalf of the cricket fraternity in Nevis.

“So on behalf of my family, the Nevis Cricket Association, all cricket clubs, teams and supporters of cricket in Nevis and throughout the world, we say sincerest congratulations to you. And may the lord continue to bless you with longevity of years and may we see you playing cricket for the first time at the Elquemedo Willet Park,” he said.

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