Rotary Hearing Project Underway

A project to set up a framework to detect hearing problems in residents is underway, thanks to a joint effort between the Rotary clubs of St. Kitts and Boardman, Ohio.

On Saturday, a team of visiting doctors from Ohio held training sessions for nurses at the Newtown Health Centre.

The topics covered included Recognising Hearing Impairment in Children, and the basic management of these children, including fitting hearing aids.

Doctor of Audiology, Sheryl Figliano, spoke with ZIZ News about the overall aim of the project.

“Our goal is to work with the local Rotary Club here and the Ministry of Health to start a programme where school-aged children are all tested for hearing problems and also for children and adults to be fit with hearing aids while we’re here on the island,” she said.

The nurses and teachers trained during this project are expected to continue the process of detection and treatment and sustain the project moving forward.

On Saturday 28th March, the visiting doctors will conduct hearing tests and treatment for the general public at the Newtown Health Centre.

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