Roy Flemming Calls on Jonel Powell to Apologise

ZIZ News — The National Integrity Party’s Deputy Leader, Roy Flemming, has expressed disappointment in the People’s Action Movement’s Jonel Powell who, according to Flemming, recently made an insulting comment that has offended the country’s women.

Flemming, in calling on Powell to apologise for his statement, shared with ZIZ News why he thought Powell had disrespected the country’s women.

“Quite recently, there was some refurbishment work done to the public market and this included the painting of that facility. He said that the painting of the public market, and I quote, ‘is like a woman not bathing and putting on makeup’,” Flemming stated.

Jonel Powell
Jonel Powell

Flemming said Powell had grown accustomed to making irresponsible statements and claimed that this was the second time he had called on Powell to apologise.

The most recent statement, according to Flemming, was particularly hurtful as it painted a negative picture of women.

He said, “It is a known fact that women make up some 60 percent of the electorate in our country and certainly, these cannot be the same women whom Mr. Powell expects to vote for him and put him into government where he would have even more power and authority to continue to insult them. Mr. Powell has been referred to as a political infant and every time he opens his mouth, he lends credence to that designation. I am therefore calling on Mr. Jonel Powell to apologise forthwith to the women of Central Basseterre in particular and also to all those women in the other constituencies by extension.”

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