RUSVM Seventh Semester Students Donate to Community School to Promote Education and Develop a Breakfast Club Program

Basseterre, St. Kitts– Representatives of Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine’s (RUSVM) seventh semester class presented the Bronte Welsh Primary School, located in West Farm, St. Kitts, with a Canon Laser color printer and more than EC$4,000 in financial contribution to the school’s breakfast club.

Students representing the RUSVM seventh semester class and Mr. Hazarie Ramoutar, Director of the RUSVM Student Experience, presented the donation to Mr. Anthony Wiltshire, Principal of Bronte Welsh, during a brief ceremony at the Primary School’s campus on August 14.

Ms. Nicole Roberts, co-fundraising chair for the RUSVM seventh semester class, said, that the class chose this particular school because of the relationship between Bronte Welsh Primary School and RUSVM, as the two schools are neighbors within the West Farm community.

“Our class really wanted to give back to the next generation of students on the island. This also our last opportunity to contribute to the community of St. Kitts before we depart for clinics,” said Roberts. “The idea of developing a breakfast club was a way we felt would be beneficial to the students at Bronte Welsh.”

Principal Wiltshire developed the idea for the breakfast club when he recognized that some of the children in the school were not receiving a proper breakfast. The monies donated by the RUSVM seventh semester students will be the foundation for the breakfast club, which will provide meals to children who are unable to access a healthy breakfast at home.

“I recognized that a few of our children definitely have a problem obtaining a meal in the mornings and it is shown that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day,” said Mr. Wiltshire. “My deepest gratitude to the RUSVM class, especially on the behalf of our students who will benefit from this great gift.”

The RUSVM August 2014 seventh semester students (just over one hundred students in total) just completed their last semester of studies in St. Kitts and will be leaving for their final year of veterinary clinical coursework at various veterinary schools throughout the United States and Canada. The students spent 2.25 years in St. Kitts and have been raising money for various class projects throughout those years. The students chose for the funds to be given back to the community to demonstrate their gratitude for the hospitality that has been shown to them by the citizens of St. Kitts.

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