S.P.A.C.S Hosts Food Fair

(ZIZ News) — The Sandy Point Agricultural Cooperative Society (SPACS) brought down the curtains on the 2015 World Food Day Week of Activities with a Food Fair and Agricultural Exhibition on Saturday.

The event, now in its sixth year, was held at the Sandy Point Public Market.

Chairman of the World Food Day Activities Committee, Lionel Stevens said the fair generates interest in the field of Agriculture.

“This event came as an initiative to try and bring people together within the sector of Agriculture and help to generate revenue, as the theme says ‘Breaking the cycle of rural poverty’,” Stevens said.

Director of Agriculture, Melvin James outlined the importance of Agriculture in alleviating poverty.

“This year’s focus says to us it offers Agriculture as an option; it offers Agriculture as the option we ought to pursue to help us to bring to improve our conditions. The focus this year is for us to consider investing whatever we generate from the social services to put it into Agriculture, put it into your backyard, put it into your gardens, put it into your plot in such a way that at the end you will have increased yield,” James said.

The fair featured an assortment of locally grown fruits and vegetables, agro-processed products and locally designed clothes.

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