Saddlers youth delivers Valedictory address at RCC Institute of Technology, receives several awards for excellence

John James

ST. KITTS, JUNE 18TH 2010 (CUOPM) – Kittitian John James did himself and his family proud by not only receiving several awards, but also delivered the Valedictory address on behalf of graduands at the RCC Institute of Technology (formerly Devry University – Toronto) in Ontario, Canada.

The Saddlers-born youth has completed his Bachelor Degree in Computer Information System. He has received several other top awards at the ceremony including the First Place (Gold) Technical Award – Final Project; First Place (Gold) Industry Award – Final Project; the Hartley Nichol Academic Excellence Award – Achieving Highest Academic Standing and the Award of Academic Distinction – Achieving Highest Grade Point Average.

Upon graduation, John received Honours with Distinction Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Information System which required students to maintain a minimum of 3.9 cumulative GPA.

James has been a pioneer in the field of Information Technology. Upon completing his secondary education in St. Kitts, he worked at various institutions including of which he was a founding partner.

Having seen the possibilities in the field of Information Technology and having the desire to make himself more competent in this emerging sector, he made the sacrifice to enroll in RCC Institute of Technology in which he held some of the highest student positions at the school. These included Chairman of the President’s Council, Student Representative on the School’s Academic Board, Student Ambassador and Tutor and Professor Assistant.

Mr. James would like to thank his parents, family and friends for all their assistance in this journey.

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