Sandy Point Primary’s Child Friendly Concept

Gloria Mills
Gloria Mills

ZIZ News — The Sandy Point Primary School and the Seventh Day Adventist Church held their “Child Friendly School Concept” meeting Wednesday afternoon at the school grounds.

The meeting was held with the parents to get them involved in the new initiative.

The Child Friendly Concept covers many topics including alternative forms of discipline.

ZIZ News caught up with Facilitator, Gloria Mills, who said the concept is necessary for the children.

“The children they make up a growing up generation and what they learn they live and what the live they learn,” she said.

Pastor of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, Sherwin White added, “Many homes may not be equipped with the necessary skills; the parent skill-set; to really take care of the needs of their child or, the development of the child therefore what we are saying is that we believe that we can play a causal role and by collaborating with the school we are confident that we can see a better future for our children here in Sandy Point.”

Gwenneth Pennyfeather was one of the parents who attended the meeting. She said in her opinion this is a good idea because it will create a friendlier environment for teachers, students and parents alike.

This project forms part of the Seventh Day Adventist Church’s Family Week celebration.

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