Scarcity of Homecare Workers

(ZIZ News) — As the Budget debates continued on Thursday morning, Minister of State within the Ministry of Health, Hon. Wendy Phipps started the discussion with an update on her Ministry.

She listed some difficulties facing her Ministry, including the need for more homecare officers, noting that recruitment will be necessary to meet the demand.

“We do have before us the pending retirement of some 19, or all 19 rather, of our homecare officers who are at or already passed the age of 55 so, efforts would be made in terms of the recruitment of a new batch of workers,” she explained.

While explaining the level of responsibility of homecare workers, Minister Phipps described the programme as “very stressful.”

“It is no small feat if a person has to be assigned several seniors or homebound individuals whom you have to lift and turn and do other small chores for so hence the reason why we need to have a new batch of workers especially for those who may not be able to continue in the immediate term,” she said.

According to Minister Phipps, there are currently 33 homecare officers tasked with caring for approximately 519 clients.

She further said that her Ministry will be looking into new services in the new year for the homecare area, to relieve the strain.

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