SCASPA Encourages Customers to Pick Up Cargo

(ZIZ News) – The St. Christopher Air and Seaports Authority is now focusing on clients clearing their cargo from the seaport as the Atlantic Hurricane Season heats up.

Currently, Loui Hendrickson, SCASPA’S Seaport Manager said his institution is treating this as a priority because of the challenge in obtaining cargo after they have been secured.

“Because of where the warehouse is located, we cannot take any chances in leaving the cargo there. So, we take that cargo out and stuff it in containers and after that process is done it is a very, very challenging process to be even to get something for a particular person,” he said.

Hendrickson said the port has a good track record when it comes to handling cargo.

“Because of the actions we have taken in the past to ensure that we protect people’s goods, we have suffered very little losses in the past because of the action we take prior to a storm,” he explained.

The Seaport Manager said the Customs and Excise Department will work alongside the port authority to issue pre-releases as far as possible.

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