SDA Primary March

(ZIZ News) — As Black History Month activities continue students of the Seventh Day Adventist Primary School were engaged in a march through the streets of Basseterre depicting various characters known throughout history.

In an interview with ZIZ Deputy Principal, Samuel Bedford explained the reason for hosting this type of activity.

“What we want to do today is focus on some of the great achievements of Black people of the past. Many of them were not able to attain the highest level of education but they had a passion to do something. They were able to innovate, they were able to create something and so we want to challenge young people to understand that God has given them a gift to accomplish great things and also create things,” he said.

Deputy Principal Bedford said that even though there are a number of Black heroes throughout time, the focus was on inventors.

“Each class would have had at least one Black person which they would have been focusing on. Some classes may have had up to 4 but the whole idea is that we want to focus on Black persons who would have developed something, created something or made it better than it was before,” he said.

According to Deputy Principal Bedford, the Seventh Day Adventist Primary School is considering hosting the Black History Month march every year.

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