SDA Walk Against Crime

(ZIZ News) Walking against crime; that is what the Molineux congregation of the Seventh Day Adventist Church will be doing this Sunday.

Eldon Thomas, Congregation Elder says the church fully supports this type of event.

“We stand up against crime, any kind of crime. Whether it is child abuse, crimes against women, crimes against men. And so we as a church we want to support the community, we want to assure the community we want to join with law enforcement and any other organisation who will stand up against crime and try to minimize the crime activity in our Federation in our nation, in our country, in our villages, so we as a church we are rallying with that we are fighting against crime we are standing up against crime,” he said.

Meanwhile Lyndon David, the congregations Adventist Youth Leader says crime is everyone’s problem, so we should tackle it together.

“Once we can mobilize the congregation, and the residents in Cayon, the neighbouring villages and even the Federation as a whole can come and let us walk against and we can present that yes government, police, every other civilian is trying their part or playing a role. Give Jesus a chance. Give him that opportunity,” he said.

He also gave some information about the march takes place on Sunday at 5pm.

“We are going to start at Sarah Bowry at the top of Cayon and also the one group will be there. The other group will commence down at Penny’s and we’re going to merge into Maynard’s park right there in Cayon. We’re gonna have placards, the Drum Corp, we’re going to have the Pathfinders, the young people will be rallying with us,” he said.

At Maynard’s Park, there will be several presentations from various stakeholders including the police, the Area Representative, the Ministry of National Security, and the congregation’s pastor.

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