Search Called Off For Teen Missing At Sea

(ZIZ News) — The search has been called off for missing Dieppe Bay teen, Wilson Caines who was lost at sea following a fishing trip.

On Wednesday afternoon, Puerto Rico Air Guard located the fishing vessel miles off St Croix’s coast. Caines, however, has not been found.

Police Press and public Relations Officer, Inspector Lyndon David expressed thanks to all involved in the search for Wilson Caines.

“We are very thankful and appreciative for the support and assistance provided by the Puerto Rican Air Guard. And I’d like to say at this time that we had assistance from our regional partners we had the French Navy based in Martinique, the St Eustatius Air Guard and we had RSS Air Wing along with the Puerto Rican Air Guard assisting. We would also like to thank our local Coast Guard and the various fishermen who assisted in the search,” he said.

The inspector used the opportunity to reassure the family that all efforts were made in trying to locate their loved one.

Going forward, David encouraged anyone going out to sea to keep an eye out for anything.

“I would like persons who will be travelling whether it be fishermen or other vessels to keep an eye out and report to the nearest police station or authorities,” he said.

Wilson would have graduated from Saddlers Secondary School on Thursday.

ZIZ would like to use this opportunity to express words of sympathy to Wilson’s family.

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