Search leads to drug find

(ZIZ News) — A search operation has led to a significant drug find.

According to a police report a combined team of members of the Special Services Unit, the Anti-Drug Unit, the K-9 Unit and members of St. Kitts and Nevis Defence Force executed a number of search warrants early Sunday.

The warrants were executed on properties in Newtown, Ponds Pasture and St. Peters on suspicion of possession of illegal firearms, ammunition and controlled drugs.

The police found a quantity of crack cocaine, and a quantity of marijuana buried outside two of the properties searched.

A subsequent search of five abandoned properties was conducted by the search team and officers found two walkie-talkies and three pairs of black gloves.

No one was held in connection to the find.

The execution of these warrants is an ongoing effort by police with the help of law enforcement partners to remove illegal drugs, firearms and ammunition from our communities.

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