Second explosive weekend brings more Bang-a-lang hype!

SANDY POINT, St. Kitts (April 7, 2011): If you’ve missed the latest events in the ground-breaking Black San’ Bang-a-lang festival, you can certainly not afford to miss the second weekend in the festival’s lineup. It is set to be explosive!

After starting off the festival with a street-blocking soft launch, and drawing hundreds of spectators at the never-before-tried Tractorcade last weekend, Sandy Point’s premiere entertainment event gave the public a taste of the quality of events they can anticipate in the upcoming days. The Sunday Day of Thanksgiving and Tuesday night’s SPIRIT Game Show saw overwhelming turnouts and hype hardly experience anywhere else! The game show brought families up against families in the battle for a cruise for four and even had community members test their consumer knowledge in a ‘RAMs Price is Right’ face-off!

Black San’s parent organization SPIRIT has promised to turn up the excitement this weekend with an event that simply cannot be missed. Back by overwhelmingly popular demand is SPIRIT’s Three-Round Showdown Boxing Challenge!

This is the much-talked-about event that took Sandy Point by storm last year, and if you missed that event, you would definitely want to be early this Saturday to claim the best seats!! It will be a ding-dong bacchanal between amateur boxers and kick boxers throughout the federation including our very own Red Canvas Boxing & Kick-Boxing Club.

On Friday (April 8), amateur fighters will strip down and measure up against each other in a promotional Weighing-in event at 5:00PM in the buzz of Bank Street. Come out and see the muscular boxers who have been training for some time, as they find out who they’ll be coming up against in the ring! Cheer on your most impressive body-build, enjoy the Friday afternoon music and purchase a Black San’ parade or j’ouvert package while you’re there. Members of the audience will be afforded an opportunity to win prizes from the SPIRIT Game Show Wheel.

Saturday is the big day! After Friday’s precursor event reveals the matches, Sandy Bank, as the Sandy Point Hard Court has been dubbed, will be packed with cheering and jeering supporters hoping to see who will be the last man standing! There will be three main bouts for boxing and another three for kick-boxing, and there’s no telling which team will be victorious. Come on out and experience live martial arts exhibitions and get a chance to play our never before seen SPIRIT PLINCO BOARD.

The furor surrounding this event is already palpable and according to Black San’ PRO Judy DuPont, ”this is one weekend in national community festivals that everyone would want to be part of!”.

”The stage is set, the fighters are ready and the thrill of excitement is already in the air! We scheduled this event by popular demand by the community, and I can already sense that it will be one of the largest!

”As usual, the event will have drink and food ushers moving through the crowd, an energizing team of professional commentators and an exciting list of side acts to keep the buzz alive!!”

The event begins at 8:00 PM and has a small entrance fee of EC$15 for adults. All children get a rate of only EC$10.

On Sunday (April 10), the public is invited to join SPIRIT members as they engage in storytelling and games with the senior members of the community at the historic Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park. The event, hosted by regionally-renowned poet and playwright, the Department of Culture’s Creighton Pencheon and will begin at 11:00 AM. Come and celebrate the lives of the senior members; their stories are undoubtedly worth a listen!

Black San’ Bang-a-lang is brought to you by SPIRIT and the support of: RAMs, SKNVibes, GSquared Arts, LIME, iRepSKN, Digicel, TDC, Carib Brewery (St. Kitts and Nevis) Ltd., C&C Trading Ltd., SL Services, Tombstone International, Island Expressions, Positively Inclined, TruCapo, Daniel’s Trading Ltd, KFC, Diamonds & Pearls, Triumph Beauty Store, St. Kitts Auto Services, E&K Supermarket, St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank Ltd, Kyssfm, ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation, and YOU!!

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