Second pier to enhance infrastructure at Port Zante

Hon Richard Skerritt, Minister of Tourism and Interntional Transport

ZIZ News…February 18, 2010 – The Senator and Minister of Tourism and International Transport says the construction of a second pier at Port Zante is in the works, with construction beginning as early as mid 2011.

The Honourable Richard ‘Ricky’ Skerritt who was engaging ZIZ News in an exclusive interview, says the new pier is one of the hallmarks of the new term of the re-elected Labour party. He also added that the project was one of the foundations of the Labour party’s campaign.

Senator Skerritt also noted that some preliminary assessments have already been undertaken by the Port of Authority.

He then explained that his task is to pull the elements together and move the process forward. According to Minister Skerritt: “I have to complete matters relating to funding and ensure that all the key technical people are working closely together. I would say, it is my hope that we will see construction of such a facility, starting sometime around the middle of 2011. It is going to take us a year to do preparatory work, put in all the elements in place and hopefully construction should literally begin some time right after the next season.”

The Tourism and International Transport Minister told ZIZ News that the pier would additionally enhance Port Zante’s infrastructure and improve customer service and general experience on the island.

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