Segment Boys Swamp HardTimes

[Sports] July 23, 2013 — As the Basil Challenger cup series in the final four continued on Sunday 21st July, the Hard times team, truly ran into hard times. They came up against a fired up Segment Boys team and had extreme difficulty in keeping up with the energized home team.

The final score line in the match is reflective of the dominance of the Segment Boys—5 goals to nil.

The indomitable Akeem Taylor struck the back of the net twice; Jaslyn Small and Jazzil Francis each scored one goal and to compound the issue, Hard times put in an own goal, for good measure.

The current points standings after two rounds of the final four play offs in the tournament hosted by the CCC Bath United Football Club and sponsored by Caribbean Cable communications, is as follows:

CCC Bath United one—6 points

Segment Boys—4 points

Stoney Grove Strikers—1 point

Hard times—0 points

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