Self-service check-in kiosks at airport

ZIZ Newsroom…Nov. 24, 2010 – Air travel just got a little bit easier thanks to the installation of self-service check-in points at the airport.

American Airlines has installed self-service check in kiosks allowing persons to start check-in with a swipe of their passport.

A few simple button presses later and you’re ready to head to the departure lounge.

Delcia Bradley King, head of public relations for the St.Christopher Air and Seaports Authority said the impact of these new machines is already being felt.

“The long lines at the check-in counter have been greatly reduced. And so the check-in process is much, much faster. Our public ought to be aware by now that in the last few months SCASPA has intensified its efforts to enhance the travel experience. We are very pleased that our partners like American Airlines have joined in the efforts to improve the service and so they have introduced this feature,” she said.

Mrs King says they will continue to work with their partners to make a positive impact on the passenger experience.

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