Seniors taken back during Tea Party

(ZIZ News) — The government of St. Kitts and Nevis continues to find ways to recognize the hard work and sacrifices of the nation’s senior citizens.

On Saturday, The Ministry of Social Development hosted a tea party and old fashion show for dozens of seniors at Government House.

The event was organized as part of the activities to observe The Month Of Older Persons. It is being observed under the theme, “Leaving No One Behind, Promoting a Society for all.”

Minister Responsible for Social Development, Hon. Marcella Liburd addressed the relevance of this year’s theme.

“We are ensuring that our senior citizens or older persons are certainly not left behind. And so we would want to encourage you to encourage your neighbours, your family and your friends who may have older persons living in their homes with them to ensure that they don’t leave them behind,” she said.

During the event, Supervisor of Social Development, Denise Byron-Morris, singled out Digicel for its work with senior citizens.

“We are moving in a technological era; we are already there so we are trying to bring along our elderly so working along with Digicel and all the other agencies who promote those technological devices…I would like to say thank you very much,” she said.

Digicel’s Marketing Manager, Marsha Chatterjee pledged her company’s continued support of the Ministry Of Social Development and the elderly.

“We want to honour the seniors in our nation of St. Kitts and Nevis and we do recognize that they do play a very integral role not only in our current era but also in our past. It was said that someone who doesn’t know their past or their roots, will not know their future so we thank you wholeheartedly for this small token,” she said.

Saturday’s tea party featured entertainment By Huggins’ String Band and a local masquerade group.

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