Seventh Day Adventist Churches Collaborate to Host Road to Victory Evangelistic Series

KayWhite-2(ZIZ News) – Seventh Day Adventist Churches on St. Kitts are, this month, collaborating to host the first major evangelistic series this year under the theme “Road to Victory.”

In a recent interview with ZIZ News, Pastor Kay White said the theme serves as an inspiration to those persons who are battling certain challenges in life.

“The theme for the crusade as mentioned is the Road to Victory and as we think about and as we reflect on the word ‘victory’, I put a definition in place for it and it speaks to success of triumph over a battle or a struggle and in our society, many individuals they are struggling with issues; many individuals are fighting battles and they’re losing those battles and sadly, some of those battles are within family life, within their health and spiritual life and the Road to Victory Crusade is all about encouraging, inspiring and motivating individuals to gain victory in their lives,” she explained.

The “Road to Victory Evangelistic Series” commenced on Sunday March 1st with focus on the sub-theme “Sweetheart You Light up My Life”.

Monday night’s focus was “There Is a Thin Line between Love and Hate”.
Pastor White revealed the themes for the remainder of this week.

“On Tuesday night, ‘Where Is God When It Hurts’; on Wednesday night will be ‘I Can’t Wait to See You Again’, on Friday night will be ‘A Man For All Seasons’ and as indicated before, throughout the entire series, we’ll be looking at ways to improve the lives of individuals within the Molineux community and within the community of St. Kitts because we’re inviting the entire island to come out to this major Evangelistic Series,” she said.

The Road to Victory Evangelistic Series also features blood pressure checks, dental tips and informative sessions on family life.

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